Patrick Seitz

Our first guest is the legendary Patrick Seitz! Patrick is an American voice actor with an amazing suite of roles under his belt that we are delighted to have as part of our convention. He has played many iconic roles including;
DIO - Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, JP - Redline, Gamagori - Kill la Kill, Endeavour - My Hero Academia, just to name a few! We hope you are all as excited as we are to to meet him at this year's convention!
You can find a full list of his roles here and his Twitter.

Gehe Cosplay

Our second guest is the wonderfully talented Gehe Cosplay! Gehe is a cosplayer and artist from Spain. He is known for his luxorious and detailed cosplays & makeup art; cosplaying characters such as Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Gerudo Link from Breath of the Wild, and Viktor from Yuri On Ice. He has a sharp eye for creativity and design, with his human depictions of popular video game & movie characters, such as Toothless from How to train your Dragon, Barioth from Monster Hunter and Gnar from League Of Legends. We cannot wait to welcome Gehe to Ireland!
Here is his Instagram and Twitter, go check him out!