What is Kaizoku Con

Kaizoku Con is an Anime, Gaming and Sci-Fi Convention held in University College Cork.

When is Kaizoku Con?

Kaizoku Con starts on the 3rd of April and will go on until the 5th. The convention will open at 5PM on Friday and will open at 9AM on the Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Where can I purchase a ticket?

Tickets will be available on the Tickets section of the website. We will also have tickets available on the days of the convention which will be sold in the Student Centre.

When did the convention start?

Kaizoku-Con began in 2014 when UCC’s Sci-Fi Society decided to create Cork’s first anime convention and it has been growing ever since!

Who runs the convention?

Kaizoku-Con’s committee is comprised of UCC students who show interest and passion for nerd culture like Anime, Gaming and Sci-Fi.

Will there be a cloakroom at Kaizoku Con?

We will have a cloakroom at the top floor of the Student Center.

Is there WiFi at the event?

As the event is on UCC Campus, there is eduroam WiFi available. Unfortunately this is only available to students.

Do you need to bring cash to Kaizoku Con?

As we'll have a trade hall we recommend you bring cash. There is an ATM at the Student Center if needed!

What happens with the guest signings?

A Kaizoku-con staff member will be handing out tickets at a table an hour before the actual signing event. These tickets are free and represent a guarantee of one item being signed by the guest (one ticket per person). When the signing event begins staff members will let in groups of ten into the event room to keep congestion down, and let them be seated as they wait for their turn for their item to be signed by the guest. Keep in mind if you do not have one of these tickets you will not be able to get an item signed.

Is there an age limit?

The con has events that cater for all ages and everyone is more than welcome to attend! The only rule in regards to age is that under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult.

What kind of Events are at Kaizoku-Con?

Kaizoku-Con has plenty of events for all age demographics! We try to vary some our events year on year so the con feels fresh for new and old attendees alike but we also have some amazing repeating events each year such as the fantastic Riuchi.