Kaizoku Con

23rd-25th March 2018


Special Events

Opening Ceremony

Friday 5pm - Boole 3

First time at Kaizoku-Con? Or do you just want a quick rundown of everything happening over the weekend? Then join us for the Opening Ceremony where we’ll fill you in on all the wacky and wonderful things happening at Kaizoku-Con this year!

Pub Quiz (18+):

Friday 9pm - Student Centre Bar

What would a convention be without a pub quiz? Join us in the tavern to see which team can answer the most questions after hitting the grog!

The Peacock Parlour Presents: The Nerdlesque! (18+)

Friday 9pm - Boole 4

Peacock Parlour returns for yet another evening of cabaret and “nerdlesque”. With amazing performances and shocking spectacles, this is most definitely not one to be missed!

Puppy Cafe:

Saturday 12pm - Boole 5

In collaboration with an amazing rescue: Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline, we are delighted to bring you yet another Puppy Party! This is especially one for the animal-lovers; don’t miss out on the chance for cuddles and cuteness! Any and all donations for Munster Lost and Found are welcome, we’ll have a collection bucket ready.

Swordsman-ship Introduction Workshop

Attendees of Kaizoku-con are invited to have 1 to 1 training with professional weapons trainer Nathan Gray. Each session will last 15 minutes with the attendees getting to use, learn and experience the use of swords. Perfect for those interested in martial arts, Larp, or Fight choreography for screen and stage.

UCC Orchestra

Saturday 8pm Boole 4

Join UCC Orchestra for a live performance of film classics and more!

Charity Auction:

Saturday 9pm - Student Centre Bar

Join us once again for our charity auction, with all proceeds going directly to our chosen charities. From guest signed merchandise, to boxes of yaoi, to giant posters there’s no telling what you’ll find being auctioned off this year!

Talent Show & Skits:

Sunday 4pm - Boole 4

Kaizoku-Con’s talent show, if you’ve got the talent come along and show it off! Sign-ups will be held during rehearsals Sunday morning (10-12am)

Closing Ceremony:

Sunday 6pm - Boole 4

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Join us at our closing ceremony as we wrap up Kaizoku-Con 2018.